George W. Bush, you are under citizen's arrest!

George W. Bush, you are under citizen's arrest! You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in an international court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, the International Court of Justice will appoint an attorney for you. Do you understand these rights?

George W. Bush, you are being charged with violating the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and with violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the U.N. Charter, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and international law.

George W. Bush, you are being charged with committing the following heinous crimes against humanity:

1) Waging an unnecessary "first strike" war of aggression on and occupation of Iraq -- an independent and sovereign nation already ravaged by a 1990 invasion and 10 years of harsh economic sanctions -- resulting in the death and maiming of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and thousands of American GIs.

2) Condoning the use of cluster bombs, the use of depleted uranium artillery, and ordering direct attacks on civilians and civilian facilities in Afghanistan and Iraq.

3) Concealing factual information from the public, fabricating evidence, and lying to Congress, the United Nations, and to the American people about the reasons and rationale for invading Iraq.

4) Authorizing assassinations, executions, kidnappings, the illegal detention of individuals, and condoning the physical torture and psychological coercion of prisoners.

5) Using racial and religious profiling, domestic spying, and the secret arrest and imprisonment of individuals, who are being held without access to counsel, due process of law, or appellate relief.

6) Refusing to disclose the identities, locations, and charges against individuals who have been arrested, imprisoned, or detained indefinitely by the U.S. government in the United States.

7) Producing fabricated news reports to publicize your agenda and for paying newspaper columnists and television pundits to support your policies.

George W. Bush, these are serious charges. You are being charged as a war criminal for acts of genocide against innocent men, women and children in Afghanistan and Iraq. Although you did not use Nazi gas chambers in your genocidal wars, you did use modern-day equivalents -- including cruise missiles, laser-guided missiles and cluster bombs -- to cause the indiscriminate death and disfigurement of your fellow human beings. Rather than call upon the world's help in apprehending Osama bin Laden and the perpetrators of the Sept. 11 attacks, you chose instead to use the attacks politically in order to secure two Caspian Sea oil pipeline routes through Afghanistan and Iraq that have been long-coveted by your closest friends and allies -- the Big Oil companies. (As you know, the third pipeline route is to go through Iran, a nation that you have also been threatening with "regime change.")

George W. Bush, it is my duty as a loyal citizen of the United States and supporter of the U.S. Constitution to place you under arrest. You, along with Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, Paul Wolfowitz, and Colin Powell, are to be remanded in The Hague pending trial before the International Court of Justice.


  1. Google and type in "The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects"

  2. Would it not be an oxymoron to arrest Bush under foreign law (UN, International, etc), to a foreign tribunal (world court, etc), and cite the Constitution (violations of various amendments)?

  3. You're wrong. Not a single one of those charges are true. Conversely, I'm placing you under citizens arrest for harassment, treason, and fabrication of evidence.

    YOU have the right to remain silent. If YOU give up that right, anything YOU say can and will be used against YOU in an international court of law. YOU have the right to an attorney. If YOU cannot afford one, the International Court of Justice will appoint an attorney for YOU. Do YOU understand these rights?

  4. Anonymous8:39 AM

    jufedkg, your an idiot!!!

    I can only come to this conclusion, cos everyone of those allegations are true. Get your brown nose out of Bush's ass and look up the facts. I dont get mad easy but people who blindly follow others and then defend them without research infuriate me.

    You should be locked up with Bush, your crime... STUPIDITY!!

    YOU have the right to an attorney, do I need to explain what an attorney means or will you promise to research and find out!

  5. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I agree the citizens of this nation should go arrest that criminal. It's obvious nobody else will hold him accountable to the law. God Bless King George!!!

    What a disgrace to our nation.

  6. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Bin Laden's are family friends, they bomb the towers in the beggining of the Bush administration, Osam, reappears, to make another anouncement just right before the second election, and than (As by a weird coincedence, Osama reappears on the stage when George W. Polls are at an all time low. It will be interesting to see what Osama does, right before Geroge makes a nomination to replace him ,and keep up the Bush administration legacy.....

  7. Anonymous3:42 AM

    The deal is, somebody's got to start a movement to do this. I'd go to Washington in a second, and join a mob to show up at the White House, and push the doors down, and demand Bush step down. But I'm not gonna go it alone. There has to be a mandate of the people, so that tens of thousands show up, and can't be denied legitimacy.

  8. If you dont believe then read the 9/11 Commission Report. This is an Illegal War. Bush did lie. Check your facts to those who believe different. Facts show no WMD were in Iraq period...thus a false reason for war.

  9. Anonymous4:00 AM

    As a british citizen i believe that the american public have the god given right to know what their president is doing. you guys voted him in above al gore, dont get me wrong i think george bush is a dispicable person, however just look at his father, one of his most famous quotes is about brocolli, how can any one be a success after an emabrrassment like that.
    one BIG question remains, if cheney can control the entire U.S government under Bush's nose then how can you take him to trial, there is no way in hell that he is going to get a fair trial because of who he is, he deserves to be put on the stand to explain his actions, whether that means explaining at lenght the decision and decite surrounding the Iraq 'liberation' or how he cheated thanks to his brother jed in the first term after clinton.
    to amplify my comments why dont you take bush to the capitol building in D.C and have him read the decleration of independence i believe there is a section in there about protecting the country from hostiles whether they be foreign or domestic.

  10. Google Search: Morgan Reynolds on the 911 Hoax

  11. FREEDOM is our right as human beings - we have to stand together - ALL THE PEOPLE - all the nations - lets stand and get RID of all this New World Order!
    A Canadian for freedom for all

  12. Anonymous5:50 PM

    I support president Bush. I am glad this war is being fought over there rather than here. Your alligations are unfounded and false. We now have the evidence of the weapons of mass distruction. If you don't think these terrorist would have used them on you if given the chance, I am sorry for your poor intellect. They don't like us because we are free not because of president Bush, They don't like you even if you defend them, we are seen as a Christian nation, they are a muslim nations, neither the twain shall meet. I didn't make the rules, i am just reporting them. Kill them before they kill us, you may choose thier life over your life or your childs life but i choose mine!
    Darin Stambaugh

  13. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Just get the Israelis to kill him. I trust their capability. A Canadian sad to learn of Nazi-America.

  14. Anonymous6:09 AM

    President Bush is a terrorist, and what's worse? He's a stupid terrorist, which makes him all the more dangerous. There's no rationale for risking the lives of thousands of U.S. soldiers over fabricated evidence. The leader of any nation has the prime responsibility to protect its citizens, including military personnel, and that's one responsibility that he failed with flying colors. Bush, in his ever annoying tirades, argued that Iraqi people ought to be "liberated" (and I'm sure he FORGOT about the oil endeavors he wanted to undertake), and then KILLED over 2000 U.S. soldiers, and while "liberating" Iraq, and spreading "freedom" there, limited freedom in the U.S., branding legal dissenters as potential terrorists. Great! First, it was the communists, now it's the terrorist, and if people don't agree with the administration's policies, just arrest the protester on false imaging!

    Darin Stambaugh pretty much implicitly said that Muslims are terrorists. Well, as I said, Bush is terrorist number one, and let's not forget the Oklahoma City Bombing. The man responsible was a Christian American, ex-military.

    I don't condone the acts of September 11, 2001, but I condone even less the acts that followed it -- extraordinary rendition of innocent people (with Muslim names), torture of suspects (when we know that under pain, people would admit to anything -- press Bush on the balls, if he has any, and he'll squeal out that his best friend is Osama bin Laden), an illegal war of aggression against Iraq, and a possible nuclear strike option on Iran.

    This man is an incompetent leader and he ought to be impeached. It's a shame that ignorant and misinformed people support Bush. In a link of "guilty by association," I brand all you supporters as terrorists!

    See ya in hell 'cause if another president like Bush comes in power anytime soon, this world IS going and going STRAIGHT TO HELL! And nobody will be able to stop it! Not us dissenters, standing up for what is morally right, and certainly not you supporters because at the end of the day, you will have the first seat on that train to hell and will be unable to do much of anything other than watch -- something that you've done for the past 6 years!

    Good luck all! God bless this World!

  15. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Yes, Bush is evil but just talking/complaining about it is NOT going to do any good!!!

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  16. Google Search: Abolish the Federal Reserve

  17. No Big Boeings Crashed (NBB)

    Google Search: (NBB) by Morgan Reynolds

  18. Bill and Hillary Clinton = Mena cocaine conspirators.

  19. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Stop killing our children and take care of the American people. Stop the war and use the money to help the poor, the homeless and the elderly...Enough is enough

  20. Anonymous6:25 PM

    ".. we got nuked on 9/11 .. by our own government..."


  21. Democracy means that Everyone is subject to law. Please fulfill the warrant for President George W. Bush's arrest.

  22. jufedkg, your an idiot!!! is a fact. And after we get Bush we're gonna be looking into maggots like YOU to see if you are guilty! SO KEEP BEING BUSH'S SHILL!


  23. Anonymous11:42 AM