The overthrow of the United States of America

The United States of America has been successfully overthrown and the vast majority of citizens do not even realize it. This ignorance is a testament to the enormous influential mix of television news punditry and public relations. The formula is simple: Just repeat your message over and over in the mass media, denounce your critics as deranged and unpatriotic...and the meek will follow.

The new United States of America has nothing to do with the principles of freedom and democracy that the nation was founded upon. Rather, the new United States is all about unbridled imperialism, privatization and militarization. Public monies are being shifted from the public sector -- which funds education, food programs, jobs programs, health programs and Social Security -- to the private sector, which includes big business, military contractors and the stock market. In other words, the people's money is being withdrawn from social programs and deposited into the bank accounts of the rich and the super-rich. The people's money is thus being gambled away in the largest casino in the world -- Wall Street.

The United States is no longer a genuine republic, although it continues to identify itself as a republic. In reality, the new United States is a corporate monarchy governed by the principles of state socialism. George W. Bush, like his father and grandfather before him, is a state socialist who believes in Hitler's imperialist dream of a powerful corporate state where a limited government functions primarily as a servant of the rich and powerful corporations that own the means of production, fund the nation's elections and dictate its political decisions. (State socialism is not to be confused with democratic, or scientific, socialism, which holds that the people must own and control the means of production and that government must function first and always as a servant of the people.) Another word for state socialism is fascism.

With the overthrow of the United States, the horrific future world foretold in the works of George Orwell is now at our doorstep. The government has spy satellites that can focus on a license plate. It has facial recognition software. It has a computer system that can pick out key words in private telephone conversations and emails.

Under the Patriot Act, we allow the government to break into our houses and download our computer files under the guise of finding supposed "terrorists." We allow the government access to our library records so it knows who is reading what.

We routinely accept government explanations for world events without even asking questions to determine if the explanations are based on valid assertions. We allow our government to assert its right to imprison and torture foreign detainees as "enemy combatants" even though they have not been charged with any specific crime or act.

We allow our elections to be purchased by the rich and powerful while denying the poor and working class proper access to voting machines. We allow computerized voting that does not even print out a paper record in case a hand re-count is needed.

We allow our government to grant oil, chemical and mining companies access to public lands, where they extract the natural resources with little regard for the long-term environmental impact, water and air pollution, and global warming.

We allow our young soldiers to become occupiers and nation-builders in foreign lands, even though history has shown that such occupations inevitably fail as one oppressor is replaced by another.

So, the United States of America has been slowly and methodically overthrown by a small group of economic zealots who believe in unrestricted corporatism. Now what? What can citizens do to take our nation back from these bastards when our state and national legislators do not even realize that our republic has been replaced by a monarchy? Well, the first step to taking back is fighting back. To do that, we must defend our labor unions and progressive organizations as they become targeted for extinction by the Bush monarchy. We represent the majority of citizens and if we stick together and fight together, we will win together.

Our responsibility is immense. Our responsibility extends to all citizens of the world who look to us as a beacon of hope for human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and justice. It we fail, the world fails with us.


  1. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Well, it would have been nice if the author of this article could have fortified their assumptions with references!


  2. Anonymous7:38 PM

    exactly what union do I join to bring the US government back under control of the us citizens?

  3. Anonymous8:00 PM

    It is truly depressing that political apathy is so pervasive.I long for the day when human rights in its true meaning is realized.

  4. Anonymous10:07 PM

    I say, damn the powers that be and throw them down and cut their throat. Let them know the true power of the people.

    There are more of us in the end. And there are some things money cannot buy.

  5. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Lots of comments , no action.

  6. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Action. Yeah, that is the key. When will action be taken? They are counting on no one ever taking action. Sad, but that is probably exactly what will end up happening. No one will do anything, because they are too pacified. I am looking through the internet, searching for groups who are taking action, but I am not finding anyone.

  7. All comment no action is correct.Now if some people relize whats going on why dont those people make a union and make your vioce be herd.

  8. make a union make your vice herd and people will follow.

  9. Anonymous3:23 PM

    you need references? can't you see this with your own eyes? feel it in your heart? Don't you see what is happening? But we need not worry-in the end...I think the governemnt will be shut down by no other than their own self destruction. The rest of the world is sick of the US. This way of life-it cannot last forever. What goes up must come down. I see it all ending in our very near future. I am scared. I am excited. I am sweetly anticipating the day when everything is destroyed-so that those of us who survive; can start new again.

  10. Anonymous2:21 AM

    we need to act, we need to stop talking and start acting, we must become autonomous in every sense of the word, those that came before us (60's era activists) they actualy managed to scare the fascist pigs enough that they started taking counter measures against every major activist movement of the time. "COINTELPRO" the methods used by the activists must be adopted by those of us in these contemporary times that truly wish to change the way this country is run. solidarity is key. the people united cannot be defeated!!!!!

  11. Anonymous2:30 AM

    action must be taken NOW! the people unified as just that, the people can not be defeated together we can overthrow this false democracy and establish a people's government. to hell with the plutocracy that rules this nation the ignorance must be destrotyed. society must respond to the atrocities commited by this false ruling body that is the self-proclaimed watchdog of the planet, the supposed vanquishers of evil, the liberators of oppressed nations the Fascist pigs known as the united states of america. a cruel death to all tyrants!!!!

  12. Fulcrum3:34 PM

    The clock is ticking...
    I have already begun. The time for action is near, and I shall lead. This is no light matter, and should be dealt with with the utmost caution. We are aiming to take down very powerful people, people with resources that we do not yet have. If every person tells three of their friends, the news of this uprising will spread like a plague. The time for action is near, but not now. The timing must be precise, and our action swift.

  13. Anonymous1:47 PM

    The time to strike is nearly upon us public opinion of this regiem is at an all time low.
    However while i prepare for this enevitable war you merely talk like old men unwilling to sacrifice everything for a chance a freedom to rebuilt what has been lost so the dream of our fore father might finally be realized. This is no simple game this is real. If you truly mean what you say and are truly willing to do whatever it takes to bring down this corporate regiem then contact me i could use someone like you. My email address is thenewrevolution47@yahoo.com. Simply Signed, A man with a plan.

  14. Anonymous9:06 PM

    "...he was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering. Like one from whom men hide their faces he was despised, and we esteemed him not...
    Therefore I will give him a portion among the great, and he will divide the spoils with the strong, because he poured out his life unto death, and was numbered with the transgressors. For he bore the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors." Isaiah 53

    It will begin with unified prisoners, or after they are set free. The only area in the US where men and women have excercised their freedoms and liberties without fear.

  15. Anonymous11:21 AM

    No one will do anything. The German people politely closed their eyes and did nothing. It was the rest of the world that brought down the Nazis, not the Germans. Romans turned a blind eye.... the list goes on.

    All nations start out as free and eventually corrupt into fascist states. Some are destroyed by other nations and some are destroyed from within. Either way, it's part of a nation's life cycle. Fascism is the next to last stage.

  16. Anonymous12:48 PM

    LOL. The United States is failing beacause our children do not learn in our schools and our social welfare system is so pervasive that foreign governments now see the American dollar as worthless. The foreign governments see America borrowing its way to oblivion, its Corporation imploding and unable to provide decent jobs because of high taxes and the inability to compete. You socialists should look at Russia and China as examples of how those countries have rejected socialsim, the only thing those countries have not rejected is the freedom of descent. You would be in jail in Russia or China for your blog. You will soon learn that socialism and free rights do not co-exist in most socialist countries.

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  18. Anonymous10:13 PM

    One of the problems is our forefatehrs enslaved negroes now we are paying the price for THEIR ignorance,I believe in segregation.

    Also the USA continues to allow mexicans into the USA illegally.NAFTA was an utterly terrible thing to pass under CLintons presidency.Im tired of my rights being controlled by government.

    The government has prooved it cannot lead the people in a postiive way.We will continue to be used and txes will continue to rise astronomically.

    If you think like me email me


  19. Anonymous7:34 PM

    What's so wrong about privatization? If anything, we have a LOSS of privatization. . . you're an ignorant leftist that should take a look at our past and reasons for becoming independent in the first place.