Coral Gables Presidential Debate

The real losers in last night's debate were the American people. If you believe in the two-party system, sure, Kerry gained strength as a rich intellectual and Bush came off as a spoiled (some would say retarded) child of the Bush crime dynasty. We would have been better served by a larger field of candidates. At the very least, Ralph Nader should have been included in the debate in order to widen the area of discussion beyond two-party politics.

I am not a Kerry supporter, but I will likely be a Kerry voter because I have had all I can stand of Bush. Because Kerry is more intelligent, there is a better chance that he will be more reasonable. He did say that his goal is to build international alliances rather than take a unilateral approach and I do agree with this. Of course, we all know that corporate America makes the real decisions and that they want a president who can best advance their interests and increase their profits.

The after-debate spin room was a disgusting display of politicking, nitpicking and outright lying about what we had all just witnessed. The Bush spinsters could hardly contain their anger through their phony smiles as they continued to pound away at Kerry as a "flip-flopper." They know that repetition works. It does not matter what is true: Just repeat something often enough and it will seem as though it were true. I don't have to remind anyone of the repetitive themes the Bush administration used to build its case for war in Iraq. They were all lies, but the mass media repeated them over and over without challenging them. The supposed "imminent threat" of Saddam Hussein was based on old intelligence and false intelligence. CIA analysts, United Nations weapons inspectors, and anyone else who worked on Iraq issues, knew that the Bush administration was lying. Kerry should have been more forceful in calling a lie a lie.