Good Morning National Security Agency!

Wakie, wakie N.S.A.! I have another blog entry for your review.

There is a chill in the air this morning and just knowing that President Bush authorized the N.S.A. to spy on Americans adds to that chill.

We have returned to the days of Cointelpro when the F.B.I. secretly infiltrated antiwar groups, political parties, black power organizations and even women's rights and environmental groups. They used direct infiltration by agents posing as members, but also used wiretaps and break-ins to collect information on individuals and organizations. Some individuals were put on blacklists so they could not obtain employment, even though these individuals had broken no laws and committed no crimes. All they did was support their country through progressive causes and exercise their constitutional right to dissent when the leadership in Washington took the country in the wrong direction.

Same thing is true today, but new technology allows the N.S.A. to use electronic keyword searches to eavesdrop on private telephone conversations and to intercept emails. The N.S.A. is also active in using agents to infiltrate progressive organizations, take video of rallies, and get the license plate numbers of people attending rallies and marches.

Shame on the N.S.A. for spying on Americans! The real danger to the United States is not terrorism from the citizens, but is the criminal policies of the Bush administration. Spy on the White House and expose the corruption there! The Bush administration -- with the help of Congressional leaders with their heads up Bush's rear end -- is shredding the constitution and Bill of Rights so Bush, Cheney, Rice Rumsfeld, and a growing list of international corporations, can cash in on weapons sales and line their pockets with Iraqi oil revenue.

Is this what America is supposed to by about? Killing and more killing? The rich get richer and the poor get nothing? Let us start being good neighbors in the world community by ending starvation and treating curable diseases. Let us close the gap between the rich and poor. Let us spend our tax dollars on schools and jobs here in the United States. Let us bring the troops home now and end this so-called war on terrorism. There is so much good we can do in the world if we can get our nation on the right track. Wakie, wakie N.S.A.!

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  1. Would you know how we can find out if we are being watched/heard etc?
    Also, where do we get a copy of any files held on us?
    Being a peace campaigner (or dissident?) for many years would have to make me at least interesting to the powers that be...it would be a good read... :-)