Hands Off Iran!

Just like the build-up to the Iraq war, the hypocritical U.S. Government and its media allies are creating an artificial sense of urgency regarding Iran. Vice President Dick Cheney said that there will be “meaningful consequences” if Iran does not change its present course. “We will not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon,” Cheney said.

Sound familiar? Remember the constant media drumbeat in 2002 and 2003 regarding Saddam Hussein and Iraq? Remember the accusations that Iraq was supporting terrorism? Remember the bogus assertion that Iraq was responsible for 9/11? Remember the imagery of the “mushroom cloud” and the U.S. insistence that Iraq had a vast stockpile of chemical weapons? Of course, the former United Nations weapons inspectors were saying at the time that Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction, but this point of view was drowned out by the loud drumbeat for war. There was no meaningful diplomacy during that time because the Bush crime family had already decided upon war.

So why all of the interest in Iran now? Is it really about nuclear proliferation, or is that just a smokescreen for something else. After all, Bush recently made a nuclear technology pact with India, a pact that sends signals throughout the world -- and to the Iranian leadership -- that nuclear proliferation is O.K. and that the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty doesn’t mean anything. In fact, the U.S. is planning a new generation of nukes, so it has no right to criticize other nations. So what is really going on?

It so happens that Iran -- like Iraq -- is a major oil producer and is in a strategic location for the long-term U.S. plan to control the Caspian Sea oil reserves and build pipelines through Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Iran. There will be a pretense of diplomacy as the United Nations tries to find a solution to the Iranian situation that will satisfy the United States, but a solution acceptable to the U.S. will not be found, so the Bush regime will launch a unilateral military strike. Who can doubt it? The campaign to sway public opinion has already begun. The oil-mongers are at it again, no matter what the human and environmental cost.

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  1. Here's an interesting fact: Remeber how you mentioned earlier that China is looking for an altenative to the USD to do international business in. Well it should be noted that in Iraq in 2000 Saddam Hussien had done the same. After about two years they had decided on using the Euro for all internation trade (however little it was, with the sanctions and all). It was only a short time after Iraq's economic reserves were switched from a stockpile of USDs to a stockpile of EDs that the Bush administration had started recieving intel about Iraq's WMD programs. You might have noticed that all of Bush's Eurppean allies in the Iraq war are the ones still using their own currency instead of switching to the ED (aside from spain and Portugal, who both took the first chance he got to leave).

    More recently, Iran has anounced they will be seting up an "the Oil Bourse", which will be like Wall Street in New York, only it will only deal in oil. When they announced that they are planning to have all business there done in the ED, that's about the same time their nuclear weapons program started.